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An Integrative Approach to Childhood Obesity

with David Ludwig



Dr. David Ludwig, Associate Director of the General Clinical Research Center and Director of the Obesity Program at Children’s Hospital Boston and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, presents An Integrative Approach to Childhood Obesity.

During this 55-minute audio-visual cyber-presentation, Dr. Ludwig discusses serious health consequences associated with the childhood obesity epidemic, demonstrates that conventional treatments show poor results, and presents an integrative approach to childhood obesity that involves diet, physical activity and parenting.


  • Members who view the cyber-presentation and then complete the Self-Assessment may choose to receive a certificate of completion for 1 continuing professional education unit (CPEU). A $15.00 fee applies, easily payable online.
  • Members have easy access to practical resources (Tools for You) and references (More Info) related to this topic.
  • Members who use the Discussion Forum   have the ability to network with other professionals interested in this topic.



After viewing the presentation, you should have:

  • Greater understanding about the serious health consequences associated with the childhood obesity epidemic.
  • Greater awareness about the poor results achieved by conventional treatments for obesity.
  • Greater understanding about an integrative approach to childhood obesity that includes diet low in glycemic index/load, active lifestyle, and appropriate parenting.






Date Created: 5/5/08
Last Updated: 6/15/15
Keywords: childhood obesity, overweight


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