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Meet Your Cornell NutritionWorks Team!

A team of faculty and staff from the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University.

Christina Stark, MS, RD, CDN
Senior Extension Associate

I am the Program Leader for Cornell NutritionWorks. As Program Leader I oversee the content and structure of the website, plus develop marketing and evaluation strategies. For over 33 years I've been responsible for interpreting and communicating research-based information on food and nutrition issues to extension educators, other professionals, consumers and the media. My most recent interests include providing continuing professional education to practitioners worldwide using distance technology, primarily in the areas of childhood obesity prevention and global health including infant and young child feeding. I am also interested in other consumer food and nutrition issues, such as dietary guidelines and food safety. My overall goal is to enhance the link between nutrition research and practice.

Carol Devine, PhD, RD

My research is focused on understanding how working women and men, especially those in low income families with children, manage food and eating in the context of work and family demands, social networks, and food and eating environments. My outreach work is focused on fostering environments in workplaces and community organizations that promote healthy eating. I am a member of the team for Cornell NutritionWorks, a continuing professional development initiative for nutrition and health practitioners to enhance the translation of research findings into professional nutrition practice.

Jamie S. Dollahite, PhD

My expertise is in the area of nutrition education for limited-resource audiences that is designed to prevent obesity and chronic disease. I lead the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program for New York State and provide program leadership for Cornell Cooperative Extension's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program—Education. I have been active in national leadership for both programs. My research is closely integrated with the outreach provided by these programs. We have recently been named a Regional Nutrition Education Center of Excellence, funded by USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture and the Food and Nutrition Services. The signature research program for this center is to investigate the additive effect of skill-based nutrition education in combination with changes in policy, systems, and environmental changes, designed to make healthy choices easier, on nutrition and physical activity behaviors in low-income populations.

Christine M. Olson, PhD, RD

The nutritional concerns of women, infants, and children and developing effective interventions to address these concerns are the focus of my scholarly work. Our research group is using electronic communications technology to help pregnant and postpartum women develop and maintain behaviors that promote healthy body weights. This project involves faculty and students in the Communications Department, as well as, the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell and faculty collaborators at the University of Rochester Medical Center. The integrated mobile phone and interactive web site interventions are currently being evaluated in a randomized controlled trial in Rochester, NY.

Claudia Haferkamp-Wise, PhD
Program Assistant

I am the Program Assistant for Cornell NutritionWorks. I assist in program development and management, contribute to content of program resources, and support program development and delivery. As the administrator for Cornell NutritionWorks, I handle membership and billing issues, update the website, and provide general assistance.

Brian Gollands, MS
Web Developer

I oversee and maintain all the technical aspects and functionality of the site.


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